Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Free stuff from Fishsticks!

Fishsticks Designs is giving away all kinds of great stuff this week with their photo contest, but the best part is you don't even have to submit a photo to win! 
Goodies include MINKY diapers, mamma made tags and patterns.
Check it out on the Fishsticks and Fries blog
They've got a load of great free tutorials and some of the best indie knit clothing patterns available.


  1. Methinks you need to post again...laydee...

  2. I really find your blogs so helpful to moms especially to a new mom like me. I've been wanting to buy a cloth diaper for my baby but when I examined a cloth diaper in a store, I find it easy to make as long as I have my pattern (since I love and I knew how to sew). So I googled for some patterns and I found it in your blogs. Thanks a lot. Hopefully tonight, I can make my own cloth diaper. I will then post it on my blog... and if it's okay, I'll link it to your blog so that my friends who are also mothers can visit your blog.. :)


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